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Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council

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What is IDAC?

Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC) draws members from parents to represent our school at district level climate assessment/problem-solving meetings. The primary purpose of the Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC), originally formed in 1988 as the Intercultural Advisory Council, is to assist in the formation and review of policies that assure non-discriminatory practices in all operational areas of the Clovis Unified School District. Its further mission is to assist in improving the cultural environment of the District.

For information on what we're currently learning about, see below!
For archives & information about what we've already learned about, see our IDAC Archives page!

Current Focus

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Here are some resources to introduce Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with your students:
https://www.getepic.com/app/user-collection/31514210: A variety of stories to meet your classrooms needs.

AAPI Heritage Month: A brief overview on why we celebrate AAPI in May as well as the contributions that have been made over the years. However, it does seem that this was made to show how a company celebrates this month..but it gives a great overview in the beginning and still applies to what our overall goal is as well with celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
AAPI Heritage Month with Cartoon Network: A really great video that shows what kids have learned from their elders and how they plan to carry it on in their future.
Read Aloud Playlist: Choose what works for your class!
Japanese Origami : Fun activity to do with your students to decompress from testing stress ?? There are a variety of origami projects you can try with your class!

National Deaf History Month:
April is now recognized as National Deaf History Month. Here are some resources to spark a conversation with your students. If your students have any curiosities regarding deaf history, please let me know, and I'd be happy to guide them in the direction they would want to go with this! ??

This one is just ways that we can use simple signs in our classroom. 
Great for all ages... teaches them their ABCs using sign language.
A short educational video that discusses how some people can become deaf and how students can help other 

Talking with my body: whether you have discussed national deaf history month or not, this is a fun brain break that gets them moving and practicing ASL.

Black History Month 
Here are some art lessons that teach the styles of famous black artists:

Native American Heritage 
November is Native American Heritage Month. Here are a variety of ways to introduce this month's heritage to your class:

Origin of Native American Heritage Month: Explains what it is and why we celebrate
We Are Grateful Otsaliheliga: A great read aloud as we begin discussions about gratitude. It also can share many Cherokee words relating to seasons and traditions. This is a "Read To Me" book. If you'd like to turn off the word highlight or change the speed, just click on the settings icon on the bottom right. 

Dreamcatcher: Shows the family value of teaching the purpose of a dreamcatcher.
What Are First Nations: This is specific to Canada, but still gives great insights on the traditions of this Indigenous Culture.
Native American Homes: This comes with a PDF that you may want to provide to students to help them describe the difference in Native American homes.
How The Stars Fell Into The Sky: A Navajo legend story that helps explain how stories can be and have been passed down generation to generation.

Mrs. Doll reads aloud How The Stars Fell Into The Sky: A Navajo Legend Music “Big Sky” by Hans Zimmer via iMovie

Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message: A short and simple read aloud to further our discussions on having gratitude.

Music & Bird Songs: Discusses the importance of songs that continue to be passed on to generations.
Preserving Language: A boy does his part to help save his language by using his voice to teach others his Dakota Language.

Hispanic and Latino Heritage
Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 Century is celebrating Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month! We have novels and materials in the library for checkout. A display will be utilized in the cafeteria to recognize Hispanic and Latino art, famous people, and culture. The marquee will offer a shout-out to the culture. Various teachers will have lessons in class and students will have some opportunities to contribute to the activities. Be sure to watch our Folkloric dances perform at our annual IDAC Multi-Cultural night on Tuesday, October 4th at 5:30 PM in the amphitheater.

2022-203 IDAC Meetings & Agendas

Century's Multicultural Plans
LMC Cultural Inventory
Curriculum and Instruction
Cultural Projects, Presentations, Performances, Fashion Show, and Food event
Student Inclusiveness and Acceptance

 IDAC (1) Introduction for the year: 9/07/21 @ 5:00 (MPR)
 IDAC (2) Multicultural Night 10/04/21 (Amphitheatre)
 IDAC (3) Multicultural Fashion & Dance  12/23 9 & 10 AM. (MPR)
 IDAC (4) May 3 Planning for 23/24 SY
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