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Irish Heritage Archive

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Irish American Heritage Month for Kids | March Events

Irish-American Heritage Month - March


Saint Patrick's Day | History for Kids | Educational Videos for Kids | Social Studies

The History of St. Patrick’s Day for Kids | Who is St. Patrick?

Irish Immigration to the United States: Finding Your Roots: A good video that explains how some people came to the United States and how our understanding of our family history can get altered by those who experienced it.

Music and Dance

U2 (Irish Rock Group Song) https://youtu.be/4VcBsqOYhYo?si=ojdvSJfy3NuTuj1bhtt

In the late 1990’s an Irish dance troupe, known as Riverdance, became very popular in the States!  The tap dance mimics drum beats so well it raises the hair on your arms.  Michael Flatley, whose parents are both Irish immigrants,  found his stardom. Here is the whole show, complete with drums, singing, dancing and that famous dance lines.


Celebrating Ireland on St Patrick's Day #stpatricksday #ireland

Irish Stew - Davis ?? 

Irish Jig for Kids - Kids explain what Irish Jig means to them.


Traditional Food 


Irish Facts

7 Fun Facts about Traditions, Travel Destinations and Places to See

The  Irish Potato Famine (1845–1852)

The Giant's Causeway and its Legend for Kids: Famous Landmarks for Children

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