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What to do if you have a Complaint Board Policies #9207 and #9208 are important policies that provide procedures if you have a complaint. Information about Board Policy #9207 is provided on the blue posters that are posted in classrooms and in the front office. If you have a complaint about an employee, policy, practice, or procedure, the first step is discussing the concerns with the employee involved or the principal. All attempts will be made to resolve the problem. You then have the right to file a formal complaint. Forms are in the front office, at the district, and on the district website. Board Policy #9208 focuses on following state and federal laws and regulations regarding educational programs such as Special Education and Migrant Education; it is also used for complaints of unlawful discrimination. There is a complaint procedure in place that complies with state and federal laws, which is explained in detail on the district web site and the annual district handbook.